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IBUILD Paves Way for Housing Development in Kenya

Could mobile app iBUILD be the solution Kenya needs to solve its housing issues?

Building Hope in Nairobi’s Exploding Housing Market

Working through IBM’s IBM’s On Demand Community, seven U.S. Public Sector consultants led Builders of Hope through the design thinking process. The support was so successful that Builders of Hope won a place for iBUILD at MasterCard Labs’ incubation center in Nairobi.

Ones to Watch: Builders of Hope Kenya and New App iBuild

Kgomotso Tolamo from Developing Smart Cities Link to Article A new partnership in Kenya is combining high and low tech to make it easier for informal builders to improve the quality of their housing construction for low-income families. Builders of Hope, USA, a developer of low-cost and affordable housing in cities like Dallas, Texas and Raleigh, …